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Have you ever been through security and your bag goes on a detour to be inspected by plastic gloved hands of airport security staff? And then the dawning realization that your expensive aftershave, or hand cream, or… just made it into the wrong bag, and you are left with no option but to take the hit, bin it, and accept the loss.

This happened to me recently, at Genoa airport. The culprit was a pot of honey – the very finest honey, from a smart cafι in Genoa, and was a present for my wife.

I was informed of the two options: (a) bin it or (b) go back through security, and check my carry on bag into the hold. After a moments hesitation, and being in good time – I went for option (b).

Except when I arrived – there was a $60 Euro second bag charge by BA. The baggage checkin staff could not have been more apologetic, and my wife, being both Scottish and Dutch would not have appreciated a pot of honey that cost $70 inc baggage charges, no matter how good.

Rather than bin the honey, I asked one of the checkin staff to accept it herself – with the greatest look of commiseration (and reluctance to profit from the misfortunes of others) she then phoned the hold check in team, to see if there was something that could be done.

Amazingly I was then escorted through the under workings of Genoa airport by a baggage manager, gave him my baggage check and passport, and he went through the plastic doors out onto the airport tarmac to retrieve the bag I had already checked in.

I then brought the bag back, packed the honey, and re-checked it in. No extra charge.

Fantastic Italians at Genoa airport: thank you!

And BA got the bag through to Heathrow.

The honey was good!

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